Interior Design & Space Planning

From the blueprint to the actual creation itself, we turn your plan into a work of art, carefully treading between practicality and aesthetic elements so your workplace doesn’t just look award-winning but embodies your brand’s character and cred.

Project Consultancy

The moment that vision sets in, the second your idea steps in, call us and we’ll come with the right tools and the right minds for the big change, your big change. Our Scope of Work includes:

  • Preparation of the Build of Quantity
  • Materials Specification
  • Budget Estimation & Cost Control
  • Master Schedule Preparation

  • Procurement
  • Liaison with all Main & Sub-Contractors
  • Submission of Plans to Authorities
  • Obtain Necessary Approvals

Project Management

The value of success is from good planning and enchanced management. Armed with the moxie and makings to deliver you a fresh start to a new idea, our Project Managers run on our tried and tested Sovo Services Delivery System where the only thing you need to do is step inside and warm up to your new abode.

Here’s what goes on while you wait:

  • Construction Management &Coordination
  • Onsite Supervision
  • Core Delivery Measurements
  • Weekly Progress Meeting & Reports

  • Check Deliveries & Supplies
  • Safety Guideline Checks
  • Onsite Inspection

Interior Fit-out & Refurbishment

Right from the Espresso machine to the wall details and the fine trimmings, we set the highest standards to give to the perfect fit. Moving into a new office or starting out in one doesn’t happen everyday, let’s make it special.


Our Quality Assurance gets delivered from the blueprint to ground zero where the real magic takes place. This is where we walk the talk and get the job done. You can come and see if you like but let us do the rough work from onsite supervision and inspection, fixing a deal with the specialists and everything in between. Let our 3-5 year warranties give you peace of mind.

Asset & Building Makeover

Apart from setting up new spaces, we also touch up on old ones. No matter what kind of dated property you have, let us sprinkle some magic dust to turn your financial liability into capital gains. Look forward to unlocking the value of your trusted assets.


Furniture Selection

Whether you fancy a little touch of avant-garde or a striking sense of futurism with your furniture, we can pull some strings to make it happen. Gone are the days of dull lobby couch and drab desks and goods, our motto is to never let you sit on those ancient creations ever again. Let it be designer or just functional, we will deliver your needs. Have the peace of mind with our 15 years of warranty and Buy-Back policy will give you a refresh look every 5 years!

M&E Works

What good is a smashing office if the basic necessities are not working well? Planning your working space not only requires an aesthetic value but also total practicality right from the electrical and plumbing all the way to the internet connectivity and air-conditioning.

Renewable Energy – Solar

Why not save on your Energy bills with our Turnkey Solar Energy Solutions by up to 12% per month? Just providing a solar solution doesn’t make it for us. We believe it should be sustainable and evolving for you where the benefits are consistent and recurring for the next 25 years as we can attest to it after 25 years of experience. From design to implementation, we’ll hand hold you all the way. Best of all, there is no capital expense with our exclusive 7 years Financing.

Our Full Turnkey Scope of Works includes:

  • A detailed study on your requirements by our Consultant M&E Engineers and Solar designers.
  • Equipment and panel selections including Installation, Testing and Commissioning.

  • Project Implementation and Management.
  • Solar Grid Optimization and Monitoring.
  • Management and Maintenance.
  • Solar Project Financing of up to 7 years.

We promise a Guarantee on your Energy Bill Reductions along with our 25 years Guarantee on the solar panels, equipment and structure.

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